Terms and Conditions
1.1 The following terms are used in sales contracts. (This means that the service is also provided) by Ivy Gems & Diamond. (Hereinafter referred to as the Store), to buyers who run businesses with stores and stores, is not liable for any legal action. That does not meet these terms and conditions.
1.2 Shop reserves the right to amend, modify or cancel the Terms. And any of these conditions, including warranty of merchant services Without prior notice
1.3 If the shop knows or is notified or suspects that the buyer is a distributor. Shops will not sell products to buyers. And can cancel any action. Agreed with the buyer. And reserves the right not to sell the product to the buyer. This is the sole discretion of the store.
1.4 Purchase orders accepted and rejected by merchants are considered to be offers made by the buyer to purchase all of these terms. And the shop will sell the products to the number of stores to be arranged. Store reserves The right to set a minimum order quantity. To order any time Before the store will accept the order.
1.5 Although stores will verify the accuracy of information in catalogs, websites and other publications, however, the shop does not assume all of the catalogs, websites and publications. Is involved with any sales contract. And for technical reasons, the color images that appear in catalogs, websites, or publications are merely presentations of information to the buyer.
1.6 defects caused by ignoring Missing or misprinted character. Appearing in sales documents, quotations, invoices, receipts, orders, bills, other documents or any other information. Issued by the store will be fixed. It is not a fault that the store is responsible in any way.
1.7 Business Days in these Terms and Conditions refer to Monday through Friday. Of every week Exclude Bank Holidays Thailand holiday Or holiday shop The store will inform the buyer in advance.

 Ordering And product description
2.1 The shop reserves the right to change the details of the product in order to comply with safety laws or regulations. Changing product details will not affect the quality and usability of the product. And in the delivery. Although the store will try to deliver the goods ordered by the buyer. Shop reserves the right to ship the product with details. And the equivalent of the item ordered by the buyer. Without informing the buyer in advance. And to make sense With packaging characteristics And the standard delivery of the store. And suppliers The store reserves the right to ship the quantity differently from the order in which the change in quantity. If the product can not be provisioned temporarily. Shops will replace other products of comparable quality. Or to accelerate delivery as soon as the goods arrive.
2.2 Non-returnable goods Consent to return the goods is at the discretion of the merchant to be returned or goods that appear to be damaged. While shipping
2.3 The merchant can cancel an order at any time before shipping. However, merchants can cancel other orders. Only when Written in the contract of the store only.

Price & Payment
3.1 Stores have the following policy: that the store will offer the best price to the buyer if it is in Possible circumstances and prices specified in the store’s sales documentation are that. The sale price at the store has been optimized. As far as merchandise is concerned, the market place of the store reserves the right to adjust prices. In addition, the price of the product is the price set at the date of shipment and, if applicable. The store will notify the price change before making a real price change.
3.2 The price offered by the store is exclusive of VAT. This is the rate at the date of delivery.
3.3 The buyer must pay for the goods within 30 days of the date on the invoice of the store, even if the property is not yet the buyer’s. Due to the timing of payment is considered material. Important of the contract
3.4 The store reserves the right to authorize Refusal, revocation, restriction, change or termination of loan payment. In addition, the shop reserves the right to refuse or cancel an order if the buyer fails to pay the due date of payment at the store and the buyer has agreed.
3.5 In the event that the buyer is unable to pay within the specified period And if not against the right of the shop. The merchant has the right to charge the buyer as follows.

4.1 Where the goods have been placed in the warehouse, whether caused by the manufacturer or by any cause. The store will notify the delivery schedule. To the estimated buyer But stores can not be held responsible for any delays. Caused by any event The delivery schedule will not be material in the agreement. Unless there is a prior written agreement. If the store can not deliver the goods for any reason. Which stores can not control. Or cause due to The mistake of the buyer or the manufacturer of the shop is not responsible for anything.
4.2 The merchant reserves the right to charge a separate shipping charge for the delivery requested by the buyer for special delivery. And the company agreed to deliver on time agreed.
4.3. Receiving orders Buyers can order by phone, fax, email and the company’s website. During the business day of the shop before 18:00, if the store receives a purchase order after 18:00, the order will be deemed to be received the next day.

Risk of Product
5.1 Risk of damage or loss to the product will be the buyer. When the item is sent to the buyer.
5.2 Although the product will be delivered to the buyer along with the buyer’s risk for the goods as well as all the conditions, however, the ownership of the goods will not be considered as the buyer until the store is acquired. Get paid for the full amount of goods and the payment is scheduled from the buyer. As agreed with the shop.
5.3 The merchant is entitled to collect the goods at any time. As long as the ownership of the goods is not vested in the buyer. And the buyer must allow the shop. Competent officers and agents of the store enter the storage area for inspection or entry to return goods. If the ownership does not belong to the buyer.
5.4 The buyer has the right to use the product until the ownership of the goods.

Warranty Returns and Product Liability
6.1 The shop will change the product if there is any damage during shipping without any charge and if the delivery or wrong product. This is a mistake of the store. If the buyer has received the goods from the store already. The buyer can return the product to the company within 7 days. ** From the date of delivery, but the goods and packaging must be in perfect condition. Shop reserves the right. Be considered And decision makers The final return on the store. Consider getting a buyer back.
6.2 stores will not be responsible to buyers. If there is a legal action. Or the shop is not considered a perpetual offense contract. Whether due to delays in operation. Or the shop can not do anything because there is a cause due to the obligations of the shop associated with the goods. If the delay Or failure is caused by the cause. At the store can not be reasonably controlled. Cause the store can not be controlled. With reasonable justification. Without conflict with the conditions And all the above mentioned terms.
(I) force majeure, traffic congestion Bad weather, flooding, severe storms, fire or accidents.
(Ii) war, sabotage, riots, insurgency, insurgency in the country Calling state property
(Iii) Act, Prohibition, Ordinance, Ordinance, Ordinance, Or State Measures Or local authorities
(Iv) Regulations on the Importation or Export of Prohibited Shipments to Other Countries
(V) strike, strike or industrial event or commercial conflict. (Whether about a shop employee or a third-party employee).
(Vi) Obstacles to the acquisition of raw materials, workers, energy, components or machinery.
(Vii) Lack of electric power or damaged vehicles or machinery. Or computer system does not work
(Viii) the issuance of stopping and parking requirements. Or regulations This resulted in the company. Can not ship goods reasonably.

7.1 This contract is governed by the laws of Thailand.Ivygemsdiamond.com

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