1. Pay via ATM or Internet Banking.

    – account number

       045-3-15626-5 Kasikorn Bank

       (Account name “Ivy Gems Diamond Shop Co., Ltd.”)

2. Pay by credit card. (Accept all banks)

    – In Bangkok and metropolitan areas, swipe can be arranged

    – Provinces and foreign countries Just send an email to the shop. Which the shop will send an email to the customer for the customer to make a payment by themselves

3. Pay via Paypal

    – Just notify the shop by email.

    – In the case of being a paypal member, click the link. https://www.paypal.me/ivygemsdiamond

4. Pay via Line pay.

    – Just inform the shop to know

5. Pay via True wallet

    -Just inform the shop to know

*** After the money has been transferred Notify the money transfer and send the slip to the shop as well ***

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